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Zero Waste

What is

Thinking for you.

WRIGHT is a collective of designers, filmmakers, writers, and musicians, who work within the realms of sustainable fashion and film. Working out of a studio in Perth, Western Australia, WRIGHT aims to dramatise fashion as a site of reflection, transformation, and possibility. Experimenting with ideas, stories, forms, and textures, the group works collaboratively to create fashion narratives that combine the real and surreal, the prosaic and the poetic.


Figure 1 – WRIGHT Systems
Harrison Gerhardy, Loki Surma-Litchfield, Joshua Rees & Declan MacPhail

What is
Zero Waste?

Roughly 15% of the total fabric used by the fashion industry is wasted. To counteract these wasteful practices WRIGHT spent over 12 months developing a selection of zero-waste garments. Our zero-waste garments are produced with no textile waste. How is this possible? Most patterns that sewists encounter include curved seams and hems, as well as multiple pieces that flare at different angles, making it impossible to create a cutting layout that generates no scraps. At WRIGHT we have embraced this challenge, and have created distinctive, fashion-forward zero-waste clothes.

zw index copy.jpg

Figure 2 – Manufacturing Index Card
Used to track the manufacturing process of all zero waste garments.

Zero Waste


All garments in this program are deemed zero waste by WRIGHT Systems. All materials are reclaimed from potential waste channels and repurposed into handcrafted garments using zero-waste patterns. Loss of material during production stands at less than 1%. Unique materials lead to unique products and a diverse consumer experience. The flaws of the current means of production will not be tolerated. These garments are designed for longevity. They have been designed specifically to break the cycle of textile waste - this product will never reach the end of the cycle. It’s purpose is to redefine our relationship with a piece of clothing as an indispensable, sentimental belonging. It will change your life. This garment will save the world.


Figure 3 – A Zero Waste System
An algorithmic approach to saving the world.




Figure 4 – Zero Waste Propaganda
50 Shirts That Will Save the World